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Month: October 2017

SimpleWAN Blog

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SD-Voice from SimpleWAN represents greater stability, ease of use, and security in hosted voice.

SD-Voice: The Future of Voice Connections

It’s easy to think, some days, that most communications are restricted to email and text messages. There’s still a lot of voice traffic that goes back and forth, however, and that calls for the best tools in the market to help us all make sure we’re understood. One of the latest advances in voice communications […]

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There are new challenges and opportunities in network security, but here’s what trends are forming for the future.

Determining Network Security Needs for the Future

Determining Network Security Needs for the Future The complication of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud sprawl, and dozens of other trends are making network security a more demanding and pressing need. Network administrators are tasked with not only preventing today’s attack but also looking ahead to the threats that are coming their way. Here […]

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