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Month: February 2018

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Multi-location network management can have its hiccups, but with the right tools, can be seamless.

SD-WAN and the Retail Business: An Investment Worth Making

There are plenty of investments retail businesses have to consider, but one that should be higher up on the priority chain — especially for companies with multiple locations — is software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), which can breathe new life into aging retail systems. How Does SD-WAN Offer Help for Retailers? The best news that SD-WAN […]

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There’s a constant tension between technology that provides accessibility and the protective power of HIPAA.

Balancing Technological Advances with HIPAA

The widespread use of smartphones and the advance of cloud technology mean that consumers can access a wealth of information from anywhere, and at any time. When it comes to the financial or healthcare industries, that access bumps up against federal regulations that prioritize the protection of information. In healthcare, the promise of advanced accessibility […]

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