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Month: April 2018

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SD-WAN 2.0 takes SD-WAN to the next level.

SD-WAN 2.0 Emerges as Next Generation SD-WAN from SimpleWAN

SimpleWAN has announced the launch of SD-WAN 2.0 — the next generation of SD-WAN. The product addresses the needs of the multi-location enterprise and the unique geo-dispersed business. SimpleWAN saw the need to elevate SD-WAN to a level that takes the simplicity, ease-of-use, and functionality of SD-WAN beyond the WAN into “SD-LAN” or local area […]

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Enterprises evaluating SD-WAN options need careful planning in order to avoid common problems.

Navigating the Risks of an SD-WAN Deployment

The increasing complexity of enterprise networks means that many enterprises are looking at software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions. And vendors across the globe are adding SD-WAN to their arsenal of offerings. While the market is clear about SD-WAN’s potential to solve network challenges, the range of services available from vendors varies widely. If enterprise […]

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Ever wish you could buy one solution instead of 20? SD-WAN 2.0 makes it so.

SD-WAN 2.0: The Evolution of SD-WAN

Written by Erik Knight, CEO, SimpleWAN SD-WAN is serving businesses around the world well. More enterprises are finding that the technology can address and simplify their networking needs. But, as with most human inventions, a next generation has arrived — one that pushes the envelope of ease-of-use, clarity, functionality, security, and simplicity for multi-location organizations. […]

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A changing network environment with added complexity is challenging the effectiveness of VPNs for cyber security.

Why VPNs are No Longer Adequate for Managing Cyber Security

Enterprises have long relied on virtual private networks (VPNs) as the backbone of their cyber security plans, supporting branch location and mobile device traffic accessing data at the company headquarters. While VPNs still outpace the public Internet in terms of security, they are no longer the ideal solution and are becoming cumbersome in supporting current […]

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