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Month: May 2018

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SimpleWAN Partners with Advantage Communications Group for Broader Reach with SD-WAN 2.0

Advantage Communications Group, a company that architects, implements, and manages innovative solutions at the most competitive rates, has added SimpleWAN — the industry’s provider of all-in-one SD-WAN, managed Wi-Fi, and security technologies — to its provider portfolio. Advantage Communications Group is dedicated to providing real-world business benefits to its members, providers, and clients by leveraging the […]

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Why you should use a cloud-managed router.

Why a Cloud-Managed Router Is a Smart Idea

For years, companies have gotten along well with standard router management systems. But now, a comparatively new entry in the field has provided several exciting advantages. It’s called a cloud-managed router, and it’s the kind of technology that will make users wonder how they ever got along without it. What Benefits Do Cloud-Managed Routers Offer? […]

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A look at several MPLS alternatives.

MPLS Alternatives: How to Know You Can Use Them

For many businesses, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is the best way to go when it comes to providing connectivity. Many of those businesses, meanwhile, wish it weren’t the way to go, but are unsure how else to go about providing that necessary connectivity. With that in mind, many look for MPLS alternatives, and some have […]

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While SD-WAN provides solutions for networks in a cloud environment, it also requires a new security configuration.

Securing the Network After SD-WAN Deployment

Enterprises that aren’t completely onboard with a total cloud migration are still adopting cloud solutions incrementally. In fact, many are finding they can better optimize their IT environments with a hybrid approach, so they abandon a comprehensive migration strategy for a plan that evaluates each workload independently. Before long in these situations, the network configuration […]

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