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Month: July 2018

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Cost and increasing traffic are causing enterprises to look for an MPLS replacement for networking.

Choosing an MPLS Replacement When Costs Demand an Alternative

The expanding amount of data that every organization transmits is creating new struggles for network management. Ultimately, enterprises need a way for costly multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) connections to be dedicated to the types of transmissions that require it. Enterprises need an MPLS alternative that will allow the cost-effective, free flow of data transmission. MPLS […]

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SD-WAN creates an MPLS alternative that may solve common network issues for healthcare enterprises.

SD-WAN Provides MPLS Alternative for Healthcare Organizations in Need of HIPAA Compliance

The stakes are high for data transmissions crossing the network in a healthcare enterprise. Complying with HIPAA regulations while meeting patient expectations for immediate access to medical records is a balancing act, with the added complication of the constant threat of security breach. While multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) is a secure and reliable network pathway, […]

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Don't be duped by the providers who tell you that SD-WAN and MPLS can co-exist peacefully.

SD-WAN and MPLS: a Messy Divorce

by Erik Knight, CEO of SimpleWAN If you’ve been paying attention to the way businesses in our industry market themselves, you might’ve noticed some providers of SD-WAN are pitching those services as complementary, rather than competitive. These companies want end-users and managed service providers (MSPs) to believe the two technologies are enjoying more of a […]

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