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A generation ahead.

Our mission is to simplify networking for businesses.

SimpleWAN’s technology is designed to give IT professionals more time to focus on the things that are important.

The IT experts behind SimpleWAN’s technology saw a gap in the marketplace for easy-to-use, high-performing networking solutions. Frustrated with networking complexity and with the unreliability and costliness of legacy systems, they had a vision: to make networking not only simple, but secure, and scalable. Save time troubleshooting through automated tools and automatic products. Our focus has been to help IT people to stop rolling trucks, save time and money through the SimpleWAN toolset.

With over a decade’s of experience in telecom and networking, The SimpleWAN team launched the offering in 2014. The company’s multi-award winning solution boasts over 10,000 deployments, and is rapidly being adopted by national chains and multi-location businesses.

  • SIMPLE - Plug and play with automated provisioning

  • HIGHLY CONNECTED - Multiple locations online in minutes

  • SECURE - Intelligent cyber security sharing protects all locations

  • CLEAR - VoIP calls are smooth and fast

  • CENTRALIZED - No need to staff each location

  • RELIABLE - Get constant uptime with failover

  • COMPLIANT - PCI and HIPAA reporting features

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