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The SimpleWAN Vision

Our customers require networking that is fast, reliable, secure and simple.

We enable service providers to solve the IT challenges associated with multi-location networks that depend on 24/7 connectivity, security, and VoIP clarity.

Innovative Product

SimpleWAN is changing the way networking is done for branch offices, stores, service centers, restaurants and franchises. We innovated an all-in-one solution that solves all networking needs and works plug & play right out of the box.

Simplicity Needed

With the shift to SD-WAN, legacy hardware is being replaced and SimpleWAN is the BEST choice for multi-location businesses, because all locations and networking requirements are remotely managed from a single dashboard without having to roll IT specialist trucks.

Growing Demand

Our list of well-known customers is growing rapidly. With multi-location businesses, one sale can grow into hundreds or thousands of units as our solution is installed in every office or store location.

SaaS Revenue Model

Our product uses a SaaS revenue model where new services are brought to market without swapping hardware. We continue to innovate and add additional networking services that our customers need at a rapid pace.

Easy Setup & Cloud Managed

Most locations are installed in under 5 minutes. Manage every location centrally through our cloud dashboard.

SD-WAN, VoIP, Wi-Fi, Diagnostics

Patent pending self correcting/mesh healing SD-WAN, coupled with patented VoIP prioritization, managed Wi-Fi and advanced diagnostics.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Real-time cybersecurity protection through analytics and automation, coupled with content filtering and PCI/HIPAA compliance features.

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