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What is SD-WAN?

The internet is everywhere and nearly everyone is connected to it. Businesses have choices with providers and networks, but do you know exactly what you’re using? LAN and WAN are the most popular network types. LAN, or local-area network, is a computer network that connects a relatively small network. Typically LANs use wired connections to […]

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SD-WAN can help tackle security issues and slow internet.

How SD-WAN Can Help With Security and Congestion

For small businesses that think they are experiencing slow internet and have no knowledge about networking technology, it can be difficult to determine the cause. But did you know that your “slow internet” can be related to security issues or congestion within your network and actually have nothing to do with the internet service itself? […]

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The truth about SD-WAN.

Debunking Popular Notions About True SD-WAN

By: Geoffrey McCarroll, Regional Channel Director, SimpleWAN If you think you need SD-WAN because you need failover in case your primary connection goes down, it’s time to think again. True SD-WAN is much more than a failover, and because SD-WAN has been thrown around as a buzzword it continues to be misunderstood. Another common misconception […]

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