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Healthcare IT is tasked with securely integrating the network in an acquisition. SD-WAN simplifies the process.

How SD-WAN Simplifies Mergers for Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT is continuously in a state of flux, as new systems and technologies emerge to improve patient care and streamline processes. In recent years, this rate of change has increased, with cloud solutions leading to sweeping organizational changes and Internet of Things (IoT) technology introducing fleets of new endpoints that must be secured and […]

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Cost savings and improved security are just two SD-WAN benefits positively impacting healthcare IT.

SD-WAN Benefits for Health IT

Imagine you’re caring for an elderly parent who struggles with mobility and requires at least an hour of preparation just to get out the door, only to dedicate another full hour to reach the doctor’s office from their rural home. Now imagine if you could eliminate all of that struggle and consult with your parent’s […]

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Learn how SD-WAN helps healthcare IT offer a high level of reliability with a more streamlined management model.

How SD-WAN Helps Healthcare Organizations Prioritize Security and Reliability

Healthcare organizations are balancing some hefty requirements on their network infrastructure. Increased adoption of cloud solutions has resulted in higher bandwidth demands, while data volume moving across the network has multiplied exponentially. Compliance regulations put an additional burden on the network as administrators work to both meet requirements and anticipate the types of threats that […]

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Healthcare organizations are implementing SDN in health IT to support digital advances and compliance requirements.

The Role of SDN in Health IT

In the age of mobile devices, cloud computing, and the Internet of Thing (IoT), networking is becoming more complex. Providing a real-time, secure connection with adequate bandwidth can be a challenge. This is particularly true in healthcare, where security, compliance, and patient care all increase the weightiness of the performance and security of data transmission. […]

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