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Category: Digital Transformation

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Telecare and electronic medical records are just two of the trends in healthcare digital transformation.

Is Your WAN Prepared for Healthcare Digital Transformation?

Just as it is across every industry, healthcare digital transformation keeps the end-user experience in mind when making changes, but the impact is felt across the organization. It improves productivity, increases agility and streamlines business processes. Across all of these changes, however, one of the most critical is the added complexity to the network infrastructure. […]

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Digital transformation is creating a more patient-centric healthcare experience.

Digital Transformation Is Impacting Every Aspect of Healthcare

Digital transformation is disruptive in any industry, requiring enterprises to completely dissect their business processes to determine how best to grow in a digital world. In the healthcare industry, the changes are driven not just by advances in technology but by a shift in focus. The revolution happening in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and residential […]

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