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SimpleWAN Now Offers Both DIY and Platinum SD-WAN Solutions

Phoenix, AZ- SimpleWAN, the company that simplifies networking for business, now offers both DIY and Platinum versions of its award-winning SD-WAN solution. The goal of the expanded offering is to serve buyers and enable every business – no matter its needs – to gain next-generation networking technology. “We’ve learned that there are two types of buyers […]

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SD-WAN offers the features necessary for meeting connectivity demands in the modern market.

Why SD-WAN is Able to Meet the Demands of the Modern Market

With an increased use of software-based systems and applications, the need for better and more nuanced connectivity is driven by a general migration to the cloud. At the center of the push for an improved customer experience are enterprise networks, with a demand for faster and better network performance and uninterrupted connectivity. As a result, they’re […]

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Debunking SD-WAN's misleading myths.

[Infographic] Debunking Myths Around SD-WAN

The rise of SD-WAN has been met with some skepticism. Misleading myths and rumors about this latest networking technology solution have, unfortunately, led some customers to opt out of considering it for their business. With uncertainties related to cost and security, potential customers have been sidetracked by big providers or other SD-WAN players making untruthful […]

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When examining SD-WAN versus VPN, enterprises should consider the level of performance they require.

Get a Clear Understanding of SD-WAN Versus VPN

If you’re going through a network infrastructure upgrade, you may be wondering how to adequately consider software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and how it compares to a virtual private network (VPN). While SD-WAN is the newer technology and often discussed as an upgrade from a VPN, there are some points you should consider. Here’s your […]

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