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Category: Unified Communications

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UC with SD-WAN gives remote employees with a high-quality network connection the experience of in-person meetings.

Pairing UC and SD-WAN for High-Quality Communications

The promise of unified communications (UC) is that employees will have a seamless collaborative experience, moving between voice, video, and text formats in an integrated environment. When enterprises find it challenging to meet the higher bandwidth requirements of UC, they often turn to a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) for the solution. While UC offers […]

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Unified communications allows telehealth providers to lower costs and offer a better voice and video connection.

Unified Communications Provides an Ideal Vehicle for Advances in Telehealth

Telehealth options are becoming more common in healthcare. Insurance companies are increasingly covering these lowered-cost care alternatives and both patients and healthcare providers recognize the convenience of offering telehealth visits. As healthcare organizations adopt telehealth practices, unified communications will become central to their success in execution. Unified communications allows for a cohesive, streamlined approach that […]

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