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Revolutionized Multi-Location Network Management, Your Way

Businesses who have implemented SimpleWAN have already elevated their networks through all-in-one SD-WAN. We’re going a step further toward revolutionizing network management by offering two versions of our solution: Platinum and Lite.

These two versions help to serve buyers and enable every business to gain next-generation networking technology. There are two different kinds of multi-location businesses that benefit from SD-WAN, and the two versions of our solution are designed to meet those disparate needs.

Platinum vs. Lite: Which Best Fits Your Business?

SD-WAN helps companies stay secure, manage multiple locations, and streamline network management. Our Platinum and Lite versions help businesses stay at the top of the network evolution curve in a way that suits their specific network requirements.

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Our Lite solution is best suited for:
  • Businesses that are accustomed to having a trusted, external IT resource
  • Companies seeking to solve one or two specific problems
Our Platinum solution is best suited for:
  • Businesses with their own internal IT staff, but without network engineers
  • Companies looking to leverage cloud to offset their workload or get ahead in automated management and cyber security
  • Those looking for the multi-location networking tools of the future.
    Platinum delivers
    SD-WAN Platinum, which provides next-generation benefits including:
    • Simple connectivity to multiple locations within minutes
    • Intelligent cyber security for all locations
    • Clear, reliable VoIP calling
    • PCI and HIPAA compliance

See a more detailed comparison of the two versions to help you decide which is the best fit for you by downloading the Comparison Matrix.

Take Your Network to the Next Level with SD-WAN

No matter your needs, our Platinum or Lite solutions will revolutionize network management for your multi-location business. We can help you determine which version best meets your needs.