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Support Authorization & Premium Support Authorization

All users wanting support for a given site or account related issue will need to authorize that support to authenticate their identity for security purposes. We take security very seriously, and this measure is for the protection of all accounts. Support authorizations are only valid for 1 hour from the time of authorization. Please plan accordingly! Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Login to Your Account!

If you have a reseller or user level access on our dashboard, you will be able to enable support authorization. If you are a user with read only access, you can still speak with our support team to verify information you already have access to. If you do not possess login credentials at all, you will be unable to authorize support. You must reach out to a user with unrestricted access to that particular site or a user with a greater level of access in general. Bear in mind, the user authorizing support under their login will need to be the user speaking with our support staff. Our support staff can link you to the appropriate support documents to help you with your issues, but they will be unable to share any information with anyone that does not have authorization. Links to the different login portals:

User Login Reseller Login

Step Two: Authorize Support!

Once you login, please direct your attention to the upper right corner of the dashboard interface. There, you should see your login information as well as other account messages and alerts. For our purposes, you will need to click the help icon (a “?”) that is located between the favorites icon (a star) and the login menu information. This will bring you to two options, select the support authorization option. This will then bring you to a new page where you will be able to choose which site(s) the authorization will be attached to. Please see the picture below if you need additional help locating the option in the interface.

Step Three: Choose Which Sites to Authorize

Now that you have entered the support authorization section, you can simply choose which site from the list of sites you have access to that you would like to enable support authorization. Click the checkboxes next to the site or sites, and then click authorize at the bottom of the page. Please view the image below for clarification:

Here are a couple more examples on what view you may see based on your access level (note: only the top-level items you have access to will appear as choices):

If you have premium support enabled, here is a demonstration of the verification pin box that you will see after you have clicked save to authorize a site, account, or reseller to speak with our support team:

Step Four: Talk to Support!

Now that you have authorized yourself, you can talk to our support team about account and site related issues. Keep in mind, our support staff cannot make changes or configurations for you, but we are more than happy to show you where you can set things up on your SimpleWAN and the features available to you.

SimpleWAN Support

Fill out the form below to submit a support ticket, or click our chat box below to start an online chat with our support team Monday through Friday from 6am-6pm Arizona time.

You can also call in to our support staff 24/7 at (602) 274-4000 extension 3 if you have premium support. Please be ready to enter the pin provided when accessing premium support.

Direct Support

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