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Meet SimpleWAN’s new regional channel director.

My Journey to Becoming SimpleWAN’s Regional Channel Director

By: Geoffrey McCarroll, Regional Channel Director, SimpleWAN I’m thrilled to start a new chapter with SimpleWAN! As SimpleWAN’s new regional channel director, I’m excited to work alongside a great team that is dedicated to helping businesses find all-in-one solutions for their technology. SimpleWAN’s commitment to delivering connectivity, security, and simplicity was one of the many […]

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Moving to SD-WAN involves deciding whether to manage it in-house or through a managed service provider.

Key Considerations Before Moving to SD-WAN

Interruptions and inconsistency in service, an overly complicated healthcare network infrastructure, and escalating bandwidth are all reasons that healthcare organizations consider moving to software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). Before you make the switch and choose a provider, there are some initial steps that will help you adopt a more informed decision-making process. Determine Your Bandwidth Needs: This […]

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Ensuring a consistent patient experience is often the focus of healthcare network management.

Healthcare Network Management with SD-WAN

Healthcare network management is changing due to some distinct shifts that improve the patient experience and prioritize a consistent approach across hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. Take a look at some of the main trends driving these changes. Electronic Medical Records (EMR): These offer a wide range of benefits, from providers having easy access to medical […]

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Discover the differences between SD-WAN, SD-WAN 1.0, and SD-WAN 2.0

[Infographic] Comparing SD-WAN, SD-WAN 1.0, and SD-WAN 2.0

If you’re ready to improve your network and are deciding between SD-WAN, SD-WAN 1.0, and SD-WAN 2.0, knowing the difference between each solution will help you make the right choice for your business’s needs. It’s understandable that their similar names can result in confusion and give the impression that they have similar functions. That’s why […]

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