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Core Technology

The ultimate cloud connector

The SimpleWAN “core” technology is the ultimate connector of things. Traditionally many services ran onsite for businesses. Those services are now being transitioned to the cloud. Connecting and keeping the branch communicating to these cloud delivered services has become an even more increasing challenge. The SimpleWAN operating plane is a separation of the control plane from the data plane. By decoupling the networking technology, it allows the SimpleWAN system to maintain secure connections to multiple cloud technologies, regardless of the connectivity situation. Conditions such as backup, failover, satellite, wireless or multi-wan management connectivity becomes irrelevant to the user experience. Through this process, the core technology is able to prioritize and manage the application experience at the network level. This technology also allows for a deeper level of problem resolution, automation and diagnostics. To some it up, the SimpleWAN technology is the ultimate cloud connector.

  • SIMPLE - Plug and play with automated provisioning

  • HIGHLY CONNECTED - Multiple locations online in minutes

  • SECURE - Intelligent cyber security sharing protects all locations

  • CLEAR - VoIP calls are smooth and fast

  • CENTRALIZED - No need to staff each location

  • RELIABLE - Get constant uptime with failover

  • COMPLIANT - PCI and HIPAA reporting features

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