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What Does Your Company Do For Others?

BY futurefirewall

By: Hayle

Part of the company culture here at SimpleWan is to give back to our community. It has actually been part of our owners personal philosophy since he started his first company back in 2003. Here at SimpleWan, most of the charities that we work with are children’s charities. There are several reasons why we choose to work with kids. However, the main reason is, when working with kids charities, not only can our employees be involved but their families.
Every quarter, we pick a charity and do something for them. It is an event (yes an event) that everyone looks forward to every quarter. We close up the office for an afternoon, invite all the employees families; spouses, significant others, kids, the kid down the street; really everyone who wants to help, is more then welcome to. Then we go out as a big group to shop.
Most of the time we do this, it is for a toy drive or back to school supplies. The whole company will go to the store, and everyone who goes gets a budget. You get to pretend to be a kid for the afternoon, shop for toys and all on someone else’s dime. Our employees set up mini competitions to see who can spend all of their budget without going over. The line at checkout is always comical, as we have had many as 35 carts full of toys all going on one bill. And once we had so much we actually maxed out a register.
This quarter, with Easter right around the corner, we always work with CRS; Children’s Rehabilitative Services. It is my personal favorite event of the year. We get to not only shop for toys, but all the rest of Easter stuff. They need Easter baskets, for their annual Easter event. SimpleWan gets the honor of getting everything for the baskets and putting them together. Our office often looks like Easter has exploded in it. My kids love helping the “Easter Bunny”, and it really brings a smile to everyone’s face seeing our office covered in pink, purple, blue, yellow, and green baskets. Plus a little extra chocolate laying around always puts us in a better mood too.