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Would You Like To Get Rid Of Sensitive Data and Equipment…Free? Here’s How.

BY futurefirewall

By: Ryan

At SimpleWan, we do everything we can to help our customers protect their sensitive information on their networks and over the internet. It is a critically important step toward protecting their businesses from the liability and damage to reputation of a data breach that we hear about far too frequently. However, this is not the end all be all to data security. What about the paper documents generated at your businesses? What about the aging physical hardware that stores data? Both of which can be every bit as damaging if sensitive information makes it to the light of day. Let me give you a real life example of an experience I had in 2007. I was working at a satellite office of a Fortune 500 company. Our office cleaners came twice a week to clean our office. My trash can was full and they would not be there for an additional day so I took it to the dumpster to empty it at the corporate park where we were located. In that dumpster were approximately1,000 files of former students of a well known online college located in that same corporate park. They contained names, addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers, Etc. You get the gist. I called over to the school and told a Director what I had found. They had 15 people there within 5 minutes to get all of that information back. Can you imagine the black eye they would have received, and the damage I could have caused if I meant to harm them or their students? Some employee had taken it upon themselves to clean out their file cabinets in a most inappropriate way. I know this is an extreme example, but, I bet your business is storing data in paper form or on equipment within your offices now that is no longer needed. What if you experienced a break in? That same data could find it’s way out and you cannot un-ring that bell.
Here is the part where I tell you how to get rid of it for free! SimpleWan Corporation is located in Phoenix Arizona, but, these events take place all over the country. For our Phoenix Metropolitan customers, there will be two free Shred-A-Thon events this next Friday 4-17-15 from 6AM to 6PM. Westech Recyclers will also be on hand to take unwanted computer equipment, electronics, and telephones among other items. A full list of items and details are below and at the following link: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/2015/03/30/12-news-shred-a-thon/70689522/
If you are not in the Phoenix area, do an online search for Shred-A-Thon and see when these free events are taking place in your area. These are a fantastic way to responsibly and permanently destroy this data for free. Use them!!!